Welcome to Amazing Wrestling Adventures

A professional wrestling training system started by Marcus Shilling in 2018 to provide the instructions needed to begin your journey into pro wrestling. Our alumni have gone on to wrestle in various parts of Europe and become major stars of the Nordic scene.

Our first class of 2018: Aliss Ink, Dmitry, Phillip Recin have gone on to be staples in the Swedish rings. We pride ourselves on being able to provide personal training tips and guides and build our foundation around the concept of ”walk before you can run”. Physical fitness and the safety of our students is our priority.

Charisma and stage presence is the essence of professional wrestling and we will create an environment where you will be able to reach your full potential. Sculpting your character on your personal strength and ideas. We have worked with private parties and bigger companies (such as Live It) to provide memorable experiences for groups who want to try wrestling for the first time. This have given us as trainers a platform to work with people with all different abilities

So if you want to get your start in professional wrestling and are wondering where to begin feel free to contact us at: amazingwrestlingadventures@gmail.com